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Nili M., Mira B. (reporting), Mohammad (driver and participant)

Purpose of the workshop: Creative and music activity with Huda in Hashem el-Daraj preschool


Topic of the activity: Huda initiated the activity for today: the painting of stones.  When we arrived, the children were waiting for us, each with a stone to paint.  After painting the stones, we taught the children several songs. 

At long last with Mohamed’s help, screws were drilled into the walls to hang plastic boards which would allow us to display the art activities of the children.



Pictures of the activities from these dates can be found at:


“Staff” meetings: At the end of each visit to the preschool, we sit with Huda and Amna to discuss the activity and the plans for the next activity.  We usually come with cake, cookies, or dried fruit.  Huda and Amna provide tea and, on occasion, home-made pitot, levana, yogurt, butter which we all enjoy.  Mohamed sometimes makes us coffee.