Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sawahira ash Sharkiya

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Michaela R., Rachel M., Daniela Y. (reporting)

A novelty: At Olive Terminal we found a new and ornate booth, with two blue doors, professing to be a toilet.  But when we approached, we found it -- alas -- to be a stage set (Potemkin!) with nothing behind it.

And now -- joining Tamar Fleishman's report from Qalandiya.

Sheikh Saed, Jabel Mukkabar

The wall is being built -- Jabel Mukkabar lost their court case.


An announcement on a large notice board says: "Work in progress to upgrade the Sheikh Saed crossing, with a capacious parking lot for the convenience of the residents."   In other words: a wall is in the process of construction for the benefit of the residents.  (The parking lot is at a distance.)  The place is surrounded, from all other directions, by steep slopes.  

Sawaharaa "listed" checkpoint -- only those appearing on the fixed list may cross; also pupils.  There used to be a crossing, a road with a permanent red traffic light.

6:30 Shuafat : Children crossing at this checkpoint -- the neighbourhood is part of Beit Hanina.

Olive TerminalThe eastern ring road, with announcement of land appropriation.

Construction for Palestinians was approved for this area.  Arieh King objected and was fired.  Whether the project will materialize remains to be seen.

Ras al AmudTraffic jams, and steep climbs -- Rachel is a military-class chauffeur.

On our right is the police-station which Moskovich moved to Maaleh Adumim, and today a new settlement stands here.

A small section of a settlement in the Mt. of Olives -- where Jewish children grow up amidst the tomb stones.  Ahead of us is A-tur, on our right the neighbourhood of Al Ezariya.  

At Olive Terminal the wall assures hermetic closureinfo-icon with a fence, barbed wire, and three hurdles.

Al EzariyaNo crossing for vehicles.  A sign-post in Hebrew and English says "Welcome" [the Hebrew is misspelt] -- but nothing in Arabic.

The Az-Za'ayyem checkpoint is the settlers' checkpoint .  E1 has become an empire.