Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rocheleh H.



07.20 – 08.00 Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

There are soldiers at the checkpoint, and we can see from their caps  that they are national-servicemen and not soldiers on reserve- duty ; there are also a few military-policewomen.

As always, the people, who are leaving the check-point to go to work in the nearby factories in the seam-line zone, ask us to ensure that the checkpoint opens an hour earlier (at 06.00 instead of 07.00), because they are late to work.  We suggested that they do this through their employers (but who knows if the latter would agree).  If the Israeli employers apply to the army and request this, perhaps someone in the civil administration might pay attention.

The shed is dirty, clothes are tossed on the benches, those passing through look at them, poke them and leave them there.


08.00  The place empties.  We pick-up two people going to Um-Reihan.


08.15 – 08.50  Bart’a – Reihan

There are many taxis, and people coming out of the checkpoint hire them.  The coffee seller has finished his shift.  Most of those coming out of the checkpoint say that it has taken them half an hour to pass through.  One sadi that it took an hour and another reported a quarter of an hour.

The passageway to the terminal (“the sleeveinfo-icon”) is full of people.  Two inspection stations in the terminal are operating during the time we are there. 

A father and his daughter, whom we've seen at 08.20, arrive at the checkpoint and go through the yellow gate. They leave the terminal after twenty-five minutes.