Ronny P. and Marcia L. (Reporting)

05:00 – The parking lot is still closed but there are rumors that it will be open again as of September (which means now).  When we arrived, there weren’t many people in line and we were surprised to see that all five windows were already open.  Gradually, workers arrived and the lines in the carousels got longer.  Workers waited quietly and women who arrived before the Humanitarian Gate opened, got into line with the men.  The Humanitarian Gate opened at around 06:10 and the soldier opened the gate each time a small number of people gathered.  At 06:20, almost all the workers had passed through, efficiency that we haven’t seen in a long time.  The policewoman on duty made certain that the lines flowed.  We noticed that the aluminum wall that hid the bathrooms  was now opened and the doors of the bathrooms were painted a dark blue.  The doors were locked but is it possible to hope that in the future there will be public bathrooms? (Or is that possibility just our fantasy?)