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Hanna Heller. Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


5:55 – Rihan checkpoint

The upper car park is full of vehicles and workers. A stream of workers and seamstresses comes out of the terminal through the sleeveinfo-icon.

Inside the terminal three windows are open and exit is swift.


We are told that the checkpoint had opened at 5:00, but at 5:30 a huge crowd formed inside the inspection chambers, when shifts were changed, which cause even greater crowding and delays of the inspection process, mostly by the machine.  People stayed inside the terminal for 40 minutes.


At 6:30 there is still a great crowed at the entrance to the terminal. Only by 6:40 the pace begins to pick up and those arriving on site enter at once.

At this time there are also people who cross in the direction of the West Bank.


6:55 Shaked checkpoint

 A jeep with two soldiers is on site. The soldiers who operate the checkpoint are not within view.

At 7:08  soldiers show up and the gatesinfo-icon are open at 7:10. Recently there are frequent delays in opening the checkpoint in the morning. In a week some schools will begin and residents are worried about the gates being

open on time for the schoolchildren.


The first worker crosses the checkpoint and comes out at 7:18.

During our shift about 50 people had crossed into the Seam Line zone, and 9 cars with passengers had crossed  on both sides.


The checkpoint functions well, there is no crowding by the turnstile, and passage is swift.