Miki Fisher, Eileen Segel, Nirit Haviv (reporting), Translator: Mike Shalit

English Class in the Village of Asla 


At 10.15 we arrived at the Asla learning center; the children were waiting outside, and two of them ran to bring the key to the building. Altogether there were about 20 children with note-books and writing instruments. Eileen taught the lesson and Miki helped.  The children practiced numbers, items of clothing, and reading a short English paragraph. Not all the children knew how to write, but they all tried and wanted to learn. 

Eileen distributed colored Indian-ink pens, pencils and sharpeners to all the children, a real success !  Participation was active and it was apparent that the children enjoyed the lesson and the learning experience.

During the lesson we were told that the children were returning to school next week and we therefore thought that this would be the last meeting with them.  Luckily we had prepared refreshments in advance and at the end of the lesson we arranged a kind of farewell party.  The children helped themselves to drinks and cakes, and sang songs in English.  Afterwards, the children played with games that had been donated by Dina Amit.

Last week, we were told that the meetings would terminate at the end of the summer holiday, but at the end of the lesson a surprise awaited us !  The organizers and the children asked us to continue to teach during the school year.  We promised that we would search for a suitable day and time, and  inform them.


At 12.00 we departed with hugs and kisses, and left on our return journey.

Photographs of the activity are attached.