'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachel R., Tami H. Translation: Bracha B.A.


14:55 – A'anin Checkpoint

10 people and four tractors, as well as a representative from the Liaison and Coordination Administration, are waiting for the checkpoint to open.   People report that the checkpoint only opened at 06:15 this morning, but aside from that everything was as usual.  


At 15:00 a jeep with soldiers arrives to open the checkpoint.   People crossing must stop at two inspection points: one is at the middle gate, after crossing the lower gate near their village, and the other is next to the shed within the checkpoint.   The three tractors were loaded with sacks and old furniture.  One sack was inspected on each tractor and they were then allowed to cross.  By 15:15 everyone had crossed.


Shaked – Tura Checkpoint, 15:20

We saw a man entering the checkpoint on the seamline zone side but did not see him come out again.  We saw several Palestinians next to the turnstile inside the checkpoint and one sat down on the ground, but no one came out in either direction. 


At 15:30 a car drove towards the seamline zone and an angry young man got out and approached the pedestrian crossing.  He emerges with a man who is walking with difficulty, as if he had fainted.  Apparently the school principal was injured and we were unable to find out what had happened (sunstroke, heart attack?).  His son came to take him home.  We don't know why he was detained at the checkpoint and had to come out on foot despite the fact that his car was there, and why the soldiers did not give him water, call the Red Crescent, or help in any way.   A group of soldiers who were not the checkpoint personnel stopped to talk to us but they could not tell us what had happened to the school principal.     


16:00 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint

People are walking down the sleeveinfo-icon from the seamline zone, returning home from work.  There is a small number of people crossing towards the West Bank.