Ruti T., Yochi (reporting) Translation: Yael Bassis-Student



6:55 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

There are no soldiers. Military furniture is scattered around along with other waste in the ditches. We entered the sleeveinfo-icon and strolled to the locked gatesinfo-icon. A Captain from the DCO arrives. He does not know why the soldiers haven't shown up. "These are reserve soldiers and I have no control over them".

A young fellow and a car carrying three passengers are waiting. The Bank teller arrives as well, in his new car.

Six more people are waiting and another three cars. All are then joined by two students.


7:30  Soldiers are seen going up the  road. We greet them with  "Good morning". No one answers. One female soldiers instructs the others, "do not answer them".


7:37 The gate to the inspection cabin opens


7:42  The first person is under inspection 


7:45 The first person on the other side crosses into the Seam Line zone



7:50  The first vehicle enters from the side of the West Bank