Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Leah Shakdiel, Yael Agmon (reporting); Translator: Charles K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Meitar-Sansana crossing

We left from Shoket junction at 08:52.  The territories are closed so it’s not urgent to leave early or keep to a timetable.  The Meitar “border crossing” is empty, clean and depressing.  No one’s coming through to work in the south; economic damage for us and for them, and no one cares.



We drove to Susya to find out what’s changed since the abduction.  On Friday afternoon, when the abduction became known, nine settlers from the Israeli settlement of Susya came down toward a boy grazing his family’s flock.  Fortunately for the boy, a female soldier in an observation post saw them and reported the incident to the army, which came and stopped them.


The army also comes to Arab Susya a few times a day, in the morning and evening, drives through among the tents and leaves.  The harassment routine.


The wind turbines haven’t been erected.  The army said that if they’re erected it will come and dismantle them.  They got the hint.


Umm el Kheir

We drove through briefly.  We didn’t see any adults, only children.  On our way out we passed a young man who told us settlers notified the army the residents were erecting a permanent locality (which isn’t correct).  The army came, photographed, but nothing’s happened yet.  He says the police are checking more often.  The army hasn’t come.


South Hebron Hills

Zif – We went to the kindergarten with which we’re in contact.  We were welcomed warmly.  They proudly showed us how construction had progressed, and preparations for the coming school year.  We also brought some of the toys, paints, and made a note of what else is needed.  They gave us coffee and showed us a film clip of their beach day.


On our way back, at the Yehuda Brigade regional headquarters, is a setup for the media.  Photographers and journalists wait outside the base.


A military vehicle is parked at the entrance to Beit Haggai.  The gate to Hebron there is closed; the army’s present.


Dura al Fawwar – The army’s there but the junction is open.