'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

Ruthie Keda, Nora Rash, Translator: Natanya



05:30 ‘Azzun ‘Atma. There are two windows at the checkpoint. The closed route is filled with workers even though the checking and the passage are relatively fast and the soldiers are not bothering the workers. The length of the line remains the same but sometimes gets longer because all the time more and more workers arrive. Many come in private cars and the parking lot is fairly full. The soldiers as usual demand that we move back but don’t really enforce this.

A short while after we arrived a police van arrives with three handicuffed prisoners, both hands and feet. It is not clear why this is necessary. They free them, give them the IDs and send them back to the village.

We have a  friendly talk with a contractor from umm el Fahum who is waiting for this workers to take them to Rosh HaAyn to fix the sewage (almost all of  the life around is normal)

06.50 Habla The gate is open and there are  definitely less people waiting and the soldiers say that this is because of Ramadan. Here too the passage is swift and there are no delays  (except for the fact that checking  is carried out with no easing up). Two of the soldiers, military police, a man and woman are convinced that the wall was necessary  and  is efficient and that they are carrying out a significant duty  . Shortly after 07:00 the checkpoint empties.

We go to ’Azzun  to bring parcels to our friend, Z.  The entrance is open but five soldiers wait on the road at the entrance in case…. At this early hour the village is still sleeping, All the shops are closed and only a few people can be seen in the street.