Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hannah Heller, Leah Richman. Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


06:05 – Barta'a Reihan Checkpoint

There are only three days left until the end of Ramadan.  There are few people at the checkpoint as well as a few vans loaded with agricultural produce.  There is plenty of room in the parking lot.  We continue on to Emricha to deliver bags of used clothing.  We are received with hugs and kisses, which embarrassed us...


We left at 06:50.


07:05 – Tura Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint is closed and several people are waitihg along with us.  We called the Liaison and Coordination Administration and are told that there were "problems" and that they did not know when the checkpoint would open. We were told that two nights ago people were throwing stones and that yesterday the checkpoint opened at 08:00 and after that it intermittently closed and opened again.  Workers are going to Jenin by driving around to the Reihan checkpoint.  It is expensive, but they want to get to work. 


The soldiers arrive at 07:30, but it takes a while before any Palestinians emerge from the checkpoint.  Evidently the soldiers' computer was not working.

A young man from Dahar al Malekh reports that the village does not have electricity.  There is a generator which is shared by several houses, and it is operated for four or five hours at night. They are not allowed to build a house without approval from the Civil Authorities!  A young man who got married recently built a house on the other side of the fence.  It is a long low structure, and he has already received demolition orders and is fighting against the authorities.


An old man with a donkey crosses the checkpoint.  He is permitted to cross because of his age.  A small herd and the shepherd cross. There are different concepts of time here.  For the soldiers, nothing is important or urgent  when it comes to Palestinians. Others determine how they spend their time and how important things are for them.