Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren. Translation: Naomi Gal

9:00 – 11:00

Last Friday of Ramadan

Today as well the access road to the checkpoint is closed. The soldier standing next to the blockage wanted to prevent my passing. He had not heard about MW. After long minutes, when he finally consulted his superiors, he let me go, even with the car!

Few people passed today. I thought many will come towards the end of Ramadan, but what happened yesterday at Kalandia Checkpoint (a tough clash with soldiers, there were wounded and killed) and what is happening in the West Bank in general probably deter people.

Two windows were open, three border policemen and a security guard from the civilian security company. They were quite bored and wanted to talk and figure out what I was doing there. So we talked. We didn’t make much progress but it was a civilized conversation, which is not that usual nowadays. Beyond the horrible situation and the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, it is fascinating to explore the language used by supporters of practicing force to justify their actions and continue telling themselves the story that’s convenient for them. Until they throw Jehovah’s name into the fray and then of course even a translator can’t help.