Etzion DCL

Avital F. (driver), Chana S. (reporting)

14.30.  The DCO was open, but almost empty.  The few people who arrived were very happy they had chosen this day because they were immediately admitted.

The one man who had been waiting a couple of hours had been ‘invited’ by Security – who hadn’t yet arrived.  He laughingly told us he has been through this for years, being invited each time there is a new officer in charge – he knows them all by name. He himself has no problem working in Israel.

On the notice-board there was a typed notice inviting Palestinians to apply for working permits- there were over 7,000 permits available.   The notice listed the advantages of holding a permit – such as not being caught by the police for illegal entry, and getting proper salary documentation, and social benefits.  Such a pity that all this information was in Hebrew only! 

As it was so quiet we drove south, just beyond Nebi Yunis.  Apart from a few fruit stalls, there was no activity on the road.  Just south of Bet Omar, there was an army jeep parked with a soldier standing next to it.