Revital Sela, Rachel Hayut (Reporting). Translation: Bracha B.A.



Bezek Checkpoint

We crossed at 09:45.


The Alon Route 578

The settlement of Maskiot is continuing to expand along the ridge.  A sign at the entrance reads: "The blood of our brothers cries out from the ground. We all grieve."  

(See photo, right|)


The dirt embankment is still in place.  Electricity poles lie beside it   One, which does not appear to be new, is laid beside the Guchia Gate in an attempt to block it.  (See photo, below left)  The base of the pole is still embedded in the ground.

We met B. from Khalat Makhul, walking with his flock.



Hamra Checkpoint 10:20

Concrete roadblocks along the way are painted red and white.  A white car with two soldiers and a driver arrived 

together with us.  Two officers and a driver got out.   They climbed up to the watch tower and surveyed the v

alley south of the checkpoint, pointed to certain areas (we wonder what they are up to).  A sergeant came up to us and asked us to leave, but we did not. 

There is little traffic, but a line of five cars forms while one car is being checked.


At 10:40 we left to join M., a researcher from Yesh Din (Volunteers for Human Rights), who was on his way to Almalikh Checkpoint, to visit the family of Sahar Dargma who was killed on June 20th


11:00 Hamam Al Ma'alikh

The place was empty and we did not see the family of the youth who had been killed, Sahar Dargma.  We telephoned and learned that the entire family was in mourning and staying in Tubas. 


Photo: A Eucalyptus with a green branch in Hamat Al Ma'alikh) 


11:40 - Tayasir

There is very little traffic in both directions – vans carrying workers.  We met the officer with a shovel who explained that the commander had ordered him to get rid of the weeds.  In typical command fashion, he is attempting to get the soldiers to do the job.  Getting them to dig out the weeds with small shovels is no simple matter in the intense heat.  We suggested that he get one of the shepherds to bring his flock to eat the vegetation instead.

We assume that the new paint job at the checkpoint is also the result of the commander's visit to the back yard of the "Eastern front".

A Citroen 4x4 with bristling antennas on its roof drives into Area A and returned within 10 minutes.  It was going too fast to photograph.

We left at 12:00

A tank carrier with two armored vehicles is going southward on Route 90.


Bezek 12:15

The checkpoint opens at the word "Tayasir".  On the side of the road there are two carriers with two armored vehicles on each one.  We wonder what they are planning.