'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

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Rachel A., Dina A. (reporting), Maya BH (translation)

06:15  On the way to Azzun Atma there are already many people.  A wagon loaded with vegetables passes by.  The new wall already surrounds Azzun.

 06:20  Azzun Atma CP.

Many laborers have already passed abd are waiting outside.  The queue is still quite long, maybe 50 people.  Passage is rapid, we clocked it at 15 minutes, but the queue does not shrink as new people join it.  One laborer greets us with a Good Morning, adding:  "Life is hard, I wish we were dead".

06:40  Around 60 people still in line.

Soldiers bring a young Palestinian to the CP.  He was apprently caught trying to pass through holes in the fence.  One particualrly angry solider is heard screaming:  "Don't tell me you weren't passing!!  Yesterday you passed with some other person!!!  Don't lie to me!!!  He takes the Palestinian's ID "Sit on the side!".  The young man screams back:  "Don't you curse me!!!", and sits by the side of the CP.  It is obvious from the going on that nobody considers these infiltrators to be posing any real danger, but rather they are understood to be in search of a living.  But the screams express that rules are rules and must be followed.

07:05  The line has shrunk to about 25-30 people, and about 5-60 are waiting for their employers to pick them up.


Azzun Atma


07:25 Habla CP

No queue, anyone who arrives passes immediately.

Among the passers:  a goat herd, some cars, pickup trucks, a sprinkling of people, a horse-and-buggy.  All is wonderfully calm and efficient.  Odd.

Perhaps the Ramadan is keeping many at home.

 Regarding the pump.

The pump for the well, which was donated by the Swedish government in order to supply the nursry with water, and was confiscated over 3 months ago, is still not operating.  It has been returned by the DCO, but not activated.  According to information from one of the nurseries, it required some fixing, but the required parts were still in the DCO.

Meanwhile they continue to pay a lot for water from the containers:  150 NIS a cubic meter, rather than 30 NIS for pumping it from the well.

To be continued...