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Liora G. B. Yehudit C. (private car), Translator: Natanya


Last week we cancelled our lesson because of the unclear situation and the strike of all trade.

Today we went and happily found that in no place was the “situation" felt . There was no unusual movement of the army along the way. On the contrary, there was no army presence. On the road to Farata we saw an army car  and at the entrance to 'Azzun. Fairly usual. When we came back after three hours the car was still there. It was unusual for us to see three soldiers going up on foot on the path before the main entance to 'Azzun. And we saw another rather strange army car coming towards us as we went to the village. That is all.

The women of the village told us that no soldiers had entered the village and no one had been arrested.

The only feeling that they had about the situation was that soldiers were standing in the area of Havat Gilad and were watching them. Strangely enough to their credit they did not feel insulated that they were not suspected of having any association with the terror attack. They received it with pleasure.

This was the last lesson before Ramadan. We explained that we would not come during that period because it was difficult for us not to drink in front of them when they were thirsty. They appreciated this gesture.

We asked them to tell us in Hebrew about the fast.

Because their village is religious and fasting we learned much. Not as we read in the papers about the preparations for the fast and the festivities they explained to us that Ramadan is not a festival or party. And therefore the meals at the end of the fast are not great feasts.  They end the fast by eating a date or two and drinking water and afterwards an ordinary meal. The fast is to identify themselves with the poor. During the day there are 5 usual prayers and at night there is a special prayer. Anyone who is truly religious will only work part of the day.Only Id il fitir at the end of the fast is a festival and then they do eat grand meals.

We also learned from what age the children fast. The girls do so from their first period. The boys when they are men…and when does a boy become a man. That is cute…from the moment he begins to dream of women (in their words).And how does one know that he has dreamed of a woman. He has an emission at night. His mother checks his underpants or the sheets or whatever and knows. Interesting, On the one hand they are so puritanical it amuses them when I mention the word brassiere or backside and on the other hand they are so open.

We told them about Yom Kippur and they were very impressed at a fast of 25 hours and at the atmosphere in the country. We have so much to learn from one another.  Judith did not manage to give a complete lesson and only checked their homework Wonderful things.

We will meet again when it is hottest, when the winds of war will die down, please God.