Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

Ruthie Tuval (photographer), Rochale Hayut (reporter)


11:45 Bezeq checkpoint

We passed the checkpoint.

It is very hot and dry. Amazing view.

Up the road to Tayasir we drove behind a water tanker which has turned towards one of the Beduin tent encampments. Another tanker is by the side of the road. Maybe it is waiting to be filled up with water too.


12:00 Tayasir checkpoint (photographed)


It is very hot. We climbed up to the point that ovelooks the military position at the center of the checkoint. We saw a private car with yellow license plate (Israeli). The driver handed the officer a green ID (Palestinian). The barrier rose, and the car went on its way to area A (Palestinian territory, forbidden to Israelis). "I only do what I have to do", the nice officer told us, as he welcomed us pleasantly, offered us cold water, and listened patiently to our explanation about "MachsomWatch" and about the occupation. Later on the soldiers also offered us lunch, which has been brought from the watchtower.

The soldiers' talk about their meal reminded us of the movie "Giv'at Hlfon" (Halfon's hill, a cult Israeli movie).

In the meanwhile the few cars which had gone through the checkoint went by. The driver showed his documents, was asked about his destination, and moved on.

We checked the road spikes, they are in place.


Alon road -The earth dike is still there

The vineyards of the Ro'ie and Beka'ot settlements are laden with grapes.

We saw herds crowding under an improvised shed made of brown yuta cloth, and we saw other herds in the blazing sun.


12:55 Tamra checkpoint (In the photograph)

A green spot in the desert landscape, and not necessarily a settlement.


The thermometer in the car shows 40 degrees Celsius .

The traffic is scarce. The cars hardly wait. A few transportation vans with workers and a few cars are coming and passing.

A soldier approaches us. He asks us to leave the "Military zone". He explained that he watches over us, just as he is watching over the Palestinians and therefore we have to move away.

After our short conversation he repeated his request and returned to his post.


13:15 We left the place.


Near Gochia gate we met B., who lives at Halat Makhul. We agreed that we would come visit them next time we were here. It is a Beduin community which was destroyed a few weeks ago by the military bulldozers.


13:50 Bezeq

In this heat - 45 degrees - the checkpoint was opened with no problems.