Nabi Ilyas

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Marci G., Brinda G., Jenny L., Jennifer B. (a new member) Miki P., Nirit H., Devorka O., photosNirit and the children. Natanya translating.

Nabi Ilyas

It was the end of the season for the English language for children and a birthday celebration for our friend, Marci who celebrated it with the students of the village. On the background of the crazy attacks on the Palestinians all over the West Bank and taking into consideration the stress and the problems which the authorities are spreading  this scene was something “from another world.” Free and gay. But of course it is impossible not to spoil the enjoyment. During the party the adults heard that the army had cancelled the permits of the women and children of the village for the days at the sea which was supposed to take place in the coming week.

At 10.00 we arrived at the municipality. The organizers, W. and R., were already waiting for us next to the hall in the cellar which on other Fridays is used as a classroom by Marci and her boys students.  This time it had been organized with great efficiency  in honor of the birthday party with equipment for the Arabic songs which the children of the village love. All that  according to the wishes of Marci.

Marci, Brinda and our friends prepared everything else….equipment for creativity and the party, cakes, sweets and a program which included greetings, English songs and also dancing. Soon about 50 children between the ages of 10-14  who this time also brought their younger siblings.

It was a very happy party with much love which the children showed to Marci and Brenda which was also returned. Everyone who knows the work which they did with the children this year were not surprised at the children’s reactions.  They congratulated Marci and specially prepared addresses for her on her birthday and some of the girls brought their little siblings with them and were proud to introduce them to Brenda. Their mothers also came to congratulate her. The hall was filled with laughter and joy.

The program included the works of the children who had made crowns and hates with congratulations, songs in English which Jennifer and Marci conducted. Amongst them the special songs of Marci’s class  “the fruit of Palestine” and of course birthday songs.  At the height of the party Marci and some of the male students danced as if they were all of the same age. Two children and I. did belly dancing on the stage. One  boy of 10 was especially noticeable with his skill and reminded us of Billy Elliot.

The party was also the end of the year for the English studies of Machsomwatch. The teachers and the organizers congratulated one another. At the end of Ramadan or at the beginning of September the activities will be renewed. There was great enjoyment. Only the news of the cancellation which had been received the previous evening concerning the day at the sea in the coming week spoilt the enjoyment of the organizers. Who can understand what is the connection between the children  and women of Nabi Ilyas with the searching conducted by the army for the kidnapped Israelis.

At 12.00 we left. Miki P. , Nurit H. went on their way to the party at Izbet Tabib, Assun and Jayyus and will send a separate report.

And a supplement to last week, Friday 13.6.2014.

On their way back from Nabi Ilyas they were stopped at the Eliyahu crossing. The security chief, a settler from the nearby settlements, wanted to search the car.  He told Brenda that he had come from Ohio and Brenda told him that she herself was from Pennsylvania in his fatherland but he was not convinced that she was not dangerous. When he saw the files of study material in the car he claimed that it was suspicious material and told them to go to the side of those who were being checked. The two policemen who came to check the car scoffed at this fears and said something like, “Rubbish…nothing to check’ and sent them on their way.