South Hebron Hills

Yael Agmon (report); M. (driving); Charles K. (trans)

A late morning shift because we didn’t know whether to go at all.  We finally decided to do so because we had the beach day permits for the Tuwani children.

We left Beersheba at 08:30.  To tell the truth, both M. and I were pretty frightened so we decided to go only to Tuwani and then return.


08:54  Meitar checkpoint.  No people or vehicles.  The buses which usually transport workers stood in the parking lot.

The checkpoint for raw materials wasn’t open either.

A total closureinfo-icon.

Few Israeli vehicles on the road to Tuwani; we counted only five Palestinian vehicles during our entire shift.

A man waited for a ride at the Meitarim junction.  Some people have no shame.

Construction continues at the Jewish Susiya, blue tiles being applied to three buildings.

On our way back we saw a crane at Meitarim junction unloading banners; it had a military escort.


Regarding the rest of this week’s shifts:  only for the very brave.  My family was very angry at me for going.