Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Natanya, Michal (reporting); Daliah (Guest); Charles K. (trans.)

South Hebron Hills

Highway 317 – Deserted.  Summer has turned all the vegetation yellow.


We drove to meet Hana and Abir, two women from the Zif region who took it upon themselves to set up a kindergarten for 30 children, aged 3-5.  Since they live in Area C, they’re on their own.


Yael collected a lot of equipment and clothing from kibbutzim in the area; the women want to sell it and use the proceeds for the kindergarten.  The Nirlat company donated cans of paint.  We brought it all to them; they were happy and thanked us very much.  The kindergarten is open but there’s much to do.  It’s clear they expect us to help.


We emphasized that we’ll do what we can, which isn’t much, and they shouldn’t expect too much.  Still, they’re glad of the support.  Hana gleefully showed us photos from the beach day and cruise in Jaffa.  She wants us to help the women and children enjoy another day in the open air.


She also asked again to invite anyone interested to her home one evening.  She wants to thank us all.  We should consider providing them a chance to give, not only to receive.  These two warm, active women, one single, the other divorced, display a great deal of willingness and strength to take care of themselves.


We drove to Beit ‘Inun. We were happy to see a large sign had been erected and the entrance from the Sa’ir junction had opened for people travelling to Hebron from the north.


The balloon floats above Beit Haggai.  Big Brother is watching.



Hebron is faint from heat during summer vacation.  Other than a large group of water, electrical and sewer engineers from the Hebron municipality discussing professional matters with a major from the DCL, there’s nothing out of the ordinary.


They said, in response to our question, that they want to replace all the infrastructure; the DCL officer is working with them to plan replacing everything at the same time and as quickly as possible.  The locals say relations with the DCL are good, cooperative.  We hope so; we’ll follow up.


The Beit Hadassah area is quiet and appears empty at this hour of the afternoon.


Things are quiet at all the roadblocks and barriers .  The IDF maintains a low profile today.