Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Administrative Detention

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Tova Szeintuch, Roni Hammermann (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Russian Compound       


Judge: Lieut.-Col. Menashe Sachnish

Police Investigator: Omri Awwida

Defense: Judd Kadmani, Firas Sabah


We attended the hearings of four detaineesinfo-icon and one detainee who was not included in the police’s list but came from the Minorities Department (!) [GSS]


1. Zouhib Ahmad Muhammad Jidan – ID 859828964

2. Azz Aladin Haled Abed – ID 854341617

3. Adel Muhammad Ali Halil – ID 853998003

4. Malek Ibrahim Mahdi Abu Halifa


For the first three detainees there was an agreement between the defense and the police. As for the fourth detainee, the police requested a 15-day remand extension, yet the defense was able to reduce it to 7 days. The routine of plea bargains was disrupted only by an unusual question the judge addressed to the detainee: “Are you feeling well today?” Nobody answered in the negative, so they must all have been feeling fine.


As for the detainee from the Minorities Department, we don’t have any details about him. The case must be complicated. He had been detained in 2002/2003. Before his present detention, he was under administrative detention for a year. This time around he was interrogated for many hours and did not cooperate with the investigators. They wanted to know, among others, if he is a member of the Popular Front. In addition, he is suspected of serious violations.

The Investigator requested 15-day remand extension; the defense was able to reduce it to 7 days.