'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Jayyus

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Shoshi A., (took photographs) Karin L. (reporting). Hanna K. Translating
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

We met near the Falamiya CP with farmers from the village of Jamal, who wanted to protest against the considerable deterioration in their working conditions which will take effect when the CP will be moved owing to the change in the delineation of the fence.


We were witness to a "state visit" of the representative of the head of the Palestinian Authority at the pump of Habla.


10:30 Eliyahu crossing– there were no delays.  There were cars in the checking facility.


10:40 Azzun – We brough Z. many parcels of clothes and household appliances, and heard about the fire that broke out at night in his shop, as a result of a short circuit, and which consumed the entire contents. "Everything that the fire didn't consume, was destroyed by the water", of the firemen who broke into the shop and extinguished the fire. His old computer was also destroyed, and he would be happy to receive another old computer.


11:00 Jayyus We collected two EAPPI volunteers who wished to join us and to hear about the problems concerning the Palamiya CP and we heard about their morning shift at Kapin.


11:30 Palamiya CP.About six Palestinian cars were parked along the road, waiting for their owners who work on the other side of the fence. We met a man who told us that he had very many Za'tar fields beyond the fence. The validity of his right of passage expired on 8/6 and he is prevented from reaching his land as he hasn't received a new permit. He is required each time to bring new documents and doesn't obtain a permit "I have DCO". His son too has a problem, the soldiers didn't make him sign when he returned from the fields, they hurried him on or he had already left the area, and on the morrow they told him that his permit was forged. He is trying to arrange the matter in Kalkilya. We took all the details.


11:40 A car arrived from the direction of the seamline zone. There were five persons in it who came to explain the problem of the Village of Jamal farmers. Their lands extend from Sal'it in the north to Tzur Natan and Kohav Yair. Today too they have difficulties in reaching their lands which are very far from the Palamiya gate and they are obliged to pass by way of the lands of other farmers who resent this. They understood that when the fence will be moved westwards, the Palamiya gate too will be moved 2-3 kms further away and this will make it even more difficults to reach their lands. It may be remembered that once there were 5 gatesinfo-icon which enabled the passage of farmers from the village of Jamal near their lands. It is about two years that these gates aren't opened for them anymore.


We drove to see the Abu Assan gate which is near Zur Natan. We politely declined to have teaThe villagers have a simple practical solution. There is the gate no. 919, named after the veteran head of the village, Abu Assan, which is opened three times a day during the olive picking season. When the Palamiya gate will be moved, they would like to be able to pass through that gate all along the year. In order to enable them to reach their lands without having to pass through the lands of others a small chirurgical action is needed: to open an opening of 3 meters in the western fence, of the three fences constituting the separation blockage.

 at his house and returned to Jaius by way of the villages Palamiya and Jama'l.


12:50 Habla gate. Three carts hitched to horses and donkeys and 12 persons waiting for the CP to be opened. The pump room was open, two persons entered with us, the pump operator and one of the hothouse owners, very elegantly dressed. The engine of the Disel pump was reestablished after they paid 7000 IS to get is back, but it is not connected as there is no pump.


On the wall there is a modern fuse box which waits since two months for the electrical pump which was confiscated. Everybody was waiting for the arrival of an important personality: The representative of the Head of the Authority for the region of Kilkilya. And indeed, when the gate was opened at 13:05 two cars with the distinguished guests arrive from Habla. Abed, the owner of the hothouse joins the group, and explains to the guests the whole story of the pumps. Later they visit the plant nursery of Omer.


It is difficult to understand the abuse of those owners who only wanted to exchange a 30 year old diesel pump for a modern electrical pump which was donated by the Government of Sweden.