Anna N.S., Huri (Driver), Translation: Bracha B.A.


05:50 – A'anin Agricultural Checkpoint

The soldiers are already present and preparing to check people.  At exactly 06:00 they begin to let people through.  A young man is sent back because of problems with his permit, which are not clear.  Three tractors, 9 pedestrians, and three children have crossed by the time we left. We left at 06:15 before the checkpoint closed.


06:25 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

A sign in the vehicle inspection area states that it is strictly forbidden to use weapons in the crossing area, for fear of friendly fire.  We choke on responses to this.   There is a mobile kiosk here which belongs to a settler from Mevo Dotan, who makes his living from the two worlds -the Palestinians entering the terminal and those who are permitted to cross outside (settlers and security personnel).  He jokes with one group about the other.   The workers pass through as usual in the routine of the occupation. 


Shaked – Tura Checkpoint 07:10

Workers are waiting to enter the inspection booth on the West Bank Side through the turnstile.  People enter five at a time.  A soldier who could be their son or grandson stands and keeps order.   The same is true for the vehicle inspection.  This is the day that marks the journey of Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem on his horse Barak and his ascent to heaven, so there is no school because of the holiday.

We left at 07:40 without encountering any exceptional events.