Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting)


13:50 Bezeq checkpoint (a checkpoint for entering and exiting the Jordan Valley)

We went through.

The new houses built in the Maskiot settlement are well-seen from the road.


14:15 Tayasir checkpoint

The soldiers of the Kfir brigade are relaxing. The unit which was here before has left; where to?

The traffic on both directions is scarce.

The second lieutenant who received us pleasantly told us about more active traffic before we came.

14:40 we left the place.


Road 578, Alon Route

The levy along the road, which blocked passage on both sides of the road has been improved. The cracks in the training areas west to the road seem deeper than ever before.


15:10 Hamra checkpoint

Two soldiers came to find out who we were. The commander said something about interferance (ours) with the soldiers, was surprised to hear what we think about the "promised land" and returned to the post. The soldier who came with him stayed to talk, listened and answered patiently. The talk was interesting, respectful, and not harshly passionate(as usual).

All the time we were there the traffic was lively in both directions, the waiting time and the delays were brief (but unnecessary).

16:15 we left the place


16:40 Bezeq checkpoint

We were asked to present our documents (why?) After they've been checked we were allowed to pass.