Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Rochale H., Noa L. (reporter)

Tura Shaked checkpoint 07:25 - 08:00

Dozens of people are crowded today in front of the turnstile on the West Bank side. There are some soldiers near them, on the other side of the fence. Loud voices and noise. It is a rare situation for a Saturday; what is going on here? People who emerged from the checkpoint tell us that the soldiers work very slowly, despite the fact that the checking of the documents is quick, and that is the reason for the delay. People also say that today many people have come to work and this is another reason for the crowding and the noise. They go in for checking in groups of five. The few vehicles which arrive, on both sides, go through quickly. In about half an hour all the waiting people have gone through.


Barta'a- Reihan 08:10-08:45

The checkpoint is as crowded and noisy as always and the traffic flows. Two windows are open inside the terminal and we can't see any line inside. We timed between 10 to 15 minutes for people to go through.

One person tells us that law and order are kept meticulously and there are no concessions. His son (an adult) forgot to bring his documents, and despite the fact that he is registered and has been checked in the computer they did not let him through and he was sent back. Now his father will try to arrange to bring the papers to the checkpoint so that the son gets to work on time.

In the parking lot we met Mary and her father, waiting for their transportation.