'Azzun, Imatin

Sarah A., Dafna A., Sarah H., Nurit P. (reporting). Hanna K. translating.

09:00 Leaving the station at Rosh Ha'Ayin in Nadim's vehicle.


09:30 Azzun.  Yoga and Hebrew lesson. 15 women arrived. Most of them are interested in exercising Yoga under Sara's supervision. Other women preferred to learn Hebrew, with the help of Dafna and Sarale. The Yoga lesson lasted for an hour and a quarter. The women left the lesson excitedly and joined Dafna and Sarale's activity. Sara drove together with Nadim to Immatin.


10:00 Imatin. A Hebrew lesson. Eight women arrived. There was a small celebration. Nadim brought drinks and sweets to celebrate his youngest son's wedding. We talked about the wedding and other happy occasions. Another subject which was discussed was the end of year celebration of the girls. Towards the end of the first hour, additional women began arriving. Then also a young man from Habladiya. It turned out that a meeting about the plans for the small children of the village had been planned for them. So we shortened the lesson and cancelled the Yoga lesson.


11:15 Trip for Imatin to Azzun. I joined Dafna's lesson. One of the women told us that her husband had an authorization to work in Israel. This costs a monthly fee of 1100 IL. The contractor who employed her husband finished his work and now the husband cannot make use of the authorization. We suggested she talk with Nadim who promised to try and make a contact between her husband and a contractor who would perhaps be able to employ him.


12:00 Back to the Rosh Ha'Ayin station.