Azzun, Habla, Imatin

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Sarah A., Sarah H., Daphna A., Nurit P. (reporting). Natanya translating.

9.30 Azzun. Sarah gives a yoga lesson. 10 women take part. In spite of the difficulty of getting used to this activity they keep coming and are interested to continue.  Others sat in the adjoining room with and the beadwork which they had brought from home, work and enjoy themselves chatting.

At the end of the hour Sarah goes with Nadim to Imatiin where she and Sarah give a Hebrew lesson to the women. Attractive yellow cards are used as an aid to the lesson. The subject: fruits and vegetables. Some women who are not interested in learning the language continue with the beadwork.

They were impressed at Ruthie’s work at previous visits and ask to learn how to crochet. Dafna and Sarah decide to take over this project, to learn this art on their own and with the help of Ruthie and then to teach the women. This idea inspires enthusiasm.

10.00 Imatin. 7 women are already waiting and 5 more arrived later. Some of the women are related.  A daughter  is studying at the Open University in Nablus her  12 sister comes to the lesson on her day off from school. Another girl comes for the first time with her mother. The father works in Israel and teaches them Israeli expressions.  It seems that in this way he is encouraging them to learn the language. After an hour and a half Sarah arrives. I invite Nadim to come up. This time there will not be a yoga lesson.

10.00 We have to go back to Azzun. Sarah tries to decide with the women on another day for the activities.  We hear that there are other women in the village who would like to join our group.

12.30 The Habla gate. We arrived before it is open. Quiet. A tractor with equipment is parking next to the gate. The water pump building  next to the gate is open today. Nadim speaks with the guard. The water pump which was confiscated by the army has not been returned yet. They get a limited amount of water from Habla. They do not complain about a scarcity of water. In the afternoon there is to be a meeting of the various authorities, the Israeli DCO, the Palestinian DCO and the contributors from Europe about the pump.

12.45 We left.