Shlomit Tamari, Hagit B. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.





According to Muslim tradition, today is the prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Schools are closed; festively-dressed children walk around the deserted streets of Hebron’s H2 area.


A group of German tourists outside Beit Hadassah hears explanations from APPI staff. They send regards to Roni Hamerman who’d spoken to them in Jerusalem.


Border Police soldiers at the Cave of the Patriarchs don’t allow settlers to enter. Today’s a special day for Moslems. Noam Arnon asks the soldiers, “But those women [us] are allowed?” We also turn around and leave quickly.


Moslem pilgrims arrive at the large bus parking lot. It’s very quiet today overall.


There’s a new mobile dwelling at Giv’at Gal, and also at Mitzpe Eshtamoa…


The occupation routine continues.