Nabi Ilyas

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Dvorka Oreg (reporting); Translator: Charles K.


Inspired by the activity of our colleagues, Brenda and Marci, with children in Nabi Ilyas, and after meeting Yuval Roth and Tal from “The Road to Recovery,” and together with Rivka Shahaf, who had the idea, an exciting juggling act was organized yesterday in the events hall on the ground floor of the Nabi Ilyas municipal building. Almost 100 children were there, the youngest aged 4-5, the oldest 10-11, as well as a group of older, hard-of-hearing children who came from the regional school for the hard of hearing located in Nabi Ilyas. As it happened, the older village children, some of whom are in Brenda and Marci’s classes, couldn’t attend because final examinations are now underway in school.


The show began against the background of deafening noise from dozens of frenzied, enthusiastic children in the hall with terrible acoustics. But the younger ones calmed down very quickly when the two jugglers began their act. Within a few minutes Tal and Yuval had gotten their attention and involved them in the performance laughing and cheering. There were balloons, lots of balls and bottles flying through the air without falling, tricks with and without fiery props, jokes and even a ride on a monocycle – all with the participation of children in the audience who volunteered and received prizes of balloons shaped like animals and hats, Tal’s imaginative creations.


It was wonderful! It’s hard to describe the children’s joy and enthusiasm, and also that of the adults who were there.


The volunteer coordinators – Rada, Wisal and Samah, along with ‘Abed – were present throughout, also enjoyed themselves, and didn’t stop photographing. A., a municipal employee, helped translate from Hebrew to Arabic. Asraf, another affable guy, was also there dressed as a clown to adorn the stage. The joy and excitement were very great.


When the show was over, Wisal met us in the office. She and Rada were filled with praise and thanks for Yuval and Tal, and also for Machsom Watch. Yuval and Tal were asked to appear again when the older children have finished their exams, and in particular for the children from the school for the hard of hearing in the village. They promised to return.


May there be many such joyful events!