Nabi Ilyas

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Brinda Goldstone, Dvorka Oreg, Rachel Affek, Nirit Haviv (reporting). Translator: Hanna K

10:00 Nabi Ilyas. Brenda and the girls were waiting outside the class for the arrival of other students. The coordinators joined them and a short small - talk conversation ensued, an exchange of experiences in a happy and merry atmosphere, after we hadn't met for over a month. Brenda began teaching the group of girls, and we sat down for a conversation with the coordinators about the organization of a day of fun activities in Israel. Rachel gave them a page with explanations, and answered their questions. The response at Nebi Elias was very enthusiastic and the excitement was great.


I joined the group of boys, together with Samach who assisted me. About 15 children, aged 10-15, participated, two of which were girls. All arrived with study booklets. At the beginning I asked each pupil to introduce himself and to say his age. The children asked each other, we exercises a vocabulary according to the themes: family members and colours, and then I taught them words expressing feelings. When we reached the word "afraid" I asked them whether they were afraid of riding their bicycles. The answer was negative. Afraid of jumping from a high place? The answer – yes and no. And then one of the children rose and said that he wasn't even afraid of the Jiish army! Immediately when the word Jiish was mentioned the other children became enthusiastic and recounted with lively demonstrations how the soldiers chased them and how they succeeded to avoid them skillfully, how the soldiers sometimes succeeded in catching them and hit them, how the soldiers held their weapons, about the settlers who come and enter the mosque, and how much they wished for the soldiers and the settlers to leave Palestin . The children recounted that the father of one of the girls, aged 13, was imprisoned in Israel since 11 years, and was expected to be released in 5 months. Then I asked them whether they loved Abu Mazen and they said yes, but it was clear that they loved Abu Amar more. I told them that I wished for them to by free in Palestin, and as a reaction they suggested I come and live with them at Nebi Elias.


The lesson was conducted in a very pleasant atmosphere the children answered the questions enthusiastically and showed great interest during its entire course. They were inquisitive and felt free to ask me questions: how old I am, whether I am religious and whether I pray, whether I shall join them on the fun day etc. It was a pleasure being in their company and teaching them.


At 11:45 we departed with hugs and kisses and we went on our way back.