Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ruti Tuval and Leah Reichman(reporting) Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


05:30 Barta'a  

Lower car park: Tens of workers arrive from the West Bank hurrying. Among them many women, who cross first. They all go fast through the turnstilr but a line is formed at the entrance to the terminal.

At the car park there are 6 pickup trucks loaded with merchandise and 11 more trucks wait on the road in front of the vehicles' inspection post.


We moved to the terminal's upper  entrance, some of those coming out said that passage was swift, about 10 minutes, others reported of

half an hour and more.


A young fellow asks for help: He is married to an Israeli and they have children but he is denied unification with his family and in fact they live separately. He wishes to go to Israel to visit his children. He went to the Israeli DCO and was sent to the Palestinian one and from there back to the Israeli DCO. All he wants is to see his children.


A worker complains that on the eve of Passover the checkpoint was opened only at 07:00. He asks that it should open earlier, as always.

We met our friend B. who has lost his brother to a lengthy renal disease, He is not entitled to a passage permit to mourn with his family.


06:40  We leave.


06:50  Tura

Soldiers are on their way so passage would begin exactly at 07:00. In the meantime all is so tranquil here, wild flowers blossom, birds fly over our heads.


Teachers arrive in a car and drive through quickly. The site appears to wake up, cars go through in both directions. A little girl with a big backpack arrives first and is followed by more tiny kids. A young fellow, a university graduate, who had studied 4 years of economics and computers, works as a simple worker is a factory, under rough conditions, without air conditioning. He was offered a position in Ramallah but the salary was low, and what future is awaiting him? He lives on the other side of the checkpoint, on the Palestinian side. His father owns a large piece of land in the Seam Line zone. He grows Tobacco and must wait a month for his passage permit, while his crop dries out and he is forced to pay hired workers.


07:50– We leave.


On the way to the Jalama checkpoint we drive by olive groves belonging to a farmer from A'aneen, whom we know. A herd of cows wonders among the trees, causing damage. All of his complains and Ana's requests were of no avail.


08:15 Jalama checkpoint

 The place is undergoing a facelift. Soil was brought in, trees were planted, and benches were installed, so that it feels "pleasant".

A man who need a ride to Rambam hospital is waiting for us.