Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

Rachel Hayut, Guest: R.A.

15:20 Bezeq checkpoint - We went through.


The heavy rain that fell all morning washed the dust, polished the slopes and the canyons, and gave us beautiful views of scenery and colour. The marks and reality of the occupation were not washed away with the rain.


15:40 Tayasir checkpoint

A private car with Israeli plates (yellow) passed us on the way to the checkpoint, stopped by the road checkpoint and continues into area A (a sign for the Palestinian Authority, entrance is forbidden to Israelis).

We walked on the sidewalk infront the road checkpoint to watch from there (as seen in the photograph on left). The commander of the checkpoint (still "Kfir"  brigade) asked us who we are, found out if we know the rules, blessed us "good day", and continued doing his "job" (this in contrust to the hostility and agression which were our part on the shifts before). There was more traffic than on previous weeks. The drivers (on both directions) showed documents, sometimes the luggage compartement was checked. The soldiers were talking with the drivers and there was a feeling of comfort, in contrast to the tension we experienced on previous weeks. Cars coming from the east were checked first, without taking into account the time of arrival at the checkpoint. This way there was a line (3-5) of cars coming from Tayasir/West bank, and waiting time could get to 10 minutes (waisted time, but in terms of checkpoints it is not long).

16:10 We left the place.


16:45 Hamra

The place is not crowded, thin traffic, no lines.

The passengers are saying hallo, the soldiers ("kfir") ignore our presence. They check all the cars going through.

17:05 we left the place.


Alon road, road no. 578:

The sand rampart is higher. It is apparent that there was work done in the place.

In the training area west of Alon road sodliers start putting up tents' camp.

Many sodliers on their way to Saturday holliday are waiting at the intersection outside the base.


17:30 Bezeq checkpoint - we went through.


On the access road towards Bezeq checkpoint we saw two carriars carrying D-9 bulldozers, barred and protecte (picture on the right). At this moment one cannot avoid thinking about the late Raichel Corrie.