Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Galit A., Hagit B. (reporting); Charles K. (trans)


Khirbet Al-Tuwani

At the school in Khirbet Al-Tuwani staffers from B’Tselem are listening to a girl from Umm Tuba reporting how settlers attacked and injured her on the way to school.  At 10 we heard the loud siren for Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We discuss the trips to the beach that are being organized – Palestinians going to Tel Aviv for a day at the shore – swimming and activities at a community center in Jaffa.


One of the teachers is making a documentary about the connection between various organizations and the village.  We’re interviewed.



Hebron is desolate.  A neighbor of Beit Hameriva/Hashalom says that on Saturday settlers hit one of the children and the police came.

Soldiers are stationed as usual in the parking lot next to the building; the soldier guarding above yells to his commander:  “Are they allowed to hang around here?”

An ambulance from Kiryat Arba and a police car in the parking lot – but there’s no one outside; the soldier says they’re not usually there.


Otherwise, all the checkpoints and strees seem deserted, desolate – hot and sad.