'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

Hannah A., Hannah P. reporting. Translator: Tal H.

06:00 Azzun Atme – About 60 people standing in line, passing 3 by 3 at a fast pace. More people arrive all the time, the waiting line diminishes. At 06:45 there were 10 people waiting in line and we left.


07:10 Habla – Relatively short waiting line.

A school bus arrived and entered directly, without the driver nor baggage compartment undergoing inspection. We asked a soldier and he explained that the bus exits Habla empty, and then the driver and the vehicle are checked. Then he collects the children from Arab al Rammadin and enters Habla without a check.



There are relatively few people today, and are inspected when they arrive. Various vehicles and half-trucks come out loaded with plants. Carts driven by horses as well as donkeys come out as well. Closer to 8 o’clock more people are being inspected at the entrance gate rather than inside the installation. A worker arrives at 7:57 but it is not allowed through.