'Azzun, Habla, Imatin

Sara K., Dafna A., Sarale A., Ruti B.Z., Nurit P., Dvorka O (reporting (with Nadim) Translator: Tal H

9:50 Azzun Due to heavy traffic and jammed roads we arrived late this time. Within a short while over 20 women gathered, mostly ages 40-60, some younger ones with small children. The plan was to divide the group according to each woman’s interest in the activities we had discussed last time, 2-3 women chose to continue their handicraft work with Ruti. About half the group immediately entered the room assigned for Sarah’s yoga instruction. About 45 minutes later they exited, looking very happy. The others stayed on for a while to chat in the central space, then proceeded to study Hebrew with Dafna and Sarale, and prepare a vocabulary basis for word games that the two had prepared for them.

Later on we began a conversation with the English-speaking coordinator. We spoke about the Occupation and this time heard some harsh criticism from her about the cruelty and injustice that Israelis inflict upon Palestinians. She did not spare us harsh descriptions of the suffering of their children and landgrab, and expressed her explicit demand to leave their lands! We agreed with her, expressed our sorrow and empathy with what she was feeling. She did not spare the Palestinian establishment her criticism, either, claiming angrily that neither of their two leading political movements cares for the people, only for themselves and for the welfare of their leaders and cohorts.

Unlike the positive feelings we usually experience upon leaving after our activity with the village women and children, this time we drove away heavy-hearted. Hopefully M. experienced some relief after venting her sorrow and anger.


10:00 Imatin, Nurit reporting:

The women were waiting for me and were surprised that Sarah did not come with me.

I promised she would arrive later. There were 9 women in the class. We had a nice conversation, practiced and refreshed numbers, the time of day, dates, ages as well as time units, articles of clothing and colors.

I handed out a reading page, some of them can identify letters and words, and enjoy reading. Class ended at 11:30 as Sarah arrived to instruct a Yoga session. As usual, the women greatly enjoyed it.