Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren, Gabby, a guest from Germany Translator: Naomi Gal



No one was turned down today! All passed, hardly waiting. The gate between the windows opened several times. Not a sound came from the Palestinian side of Bethlehem Checkpoint. People came out smiling. No one seemed angry or upset. Since this situation doesn't represent what usually goes on here I tried to fill out for the guest a lot of information, facts and examples so she'll understand that this is not the whole picture...

Many people passed and most of the time two windows were open and at one point a third one opened. Many children passed, no parent was required to present a permit for his/her child. 

The security guard told me: "Why on earth should they demand a permit for a child? What can a child do? There is no such thing." (???!!!)

At the beginning of the shift there was also an Ecumenical volunteer.