Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruthi T., (photographs), Hanna H. (Reporting), Translation: Bracha B.A.



Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint 06:00

The upper parking lot is full of workers and most of the seamstresses have already crossed.   This means that crossing today is proceeding quickly and orderly.   Today we report that the crossing is "going well" and people are moving through the machine quickly, although people are also waiting next to the windows.


People complain about the opening hours during the holiday and on the eve of the holiday.  The checkpoints only opened at 07:00, despite the fact that for most people it was a regular workday.  People lost work hours, and the checkpoints were also crowded because of the late hour. Women, who do not have a separate entrance, were uncomfortable being crowded together with the men and protected themselves by poking people away.


We were told that a new factory has opened in Barta'a which employs 17 workers sewing parachutes.


There are fewer cars passing through the checkpoint at this hour and workers are mostly dependent upon taxis from Barta'a.


Shaked-Tura Checkpoint – 07:00

The checkpoint is not open yet and only the children are crossing.  

At 07:07 the c


kpoint opens and workers enter from the West Bank.  Passenger cars arrive from both sides and begin to cross at 07:12.   Students cross to the West Bank without being checked.

At 07:15 a resident of Daher El Malech arrives with a mare and a newborn foal.  The mare is sick.  There is no veterinarian in the seamline zone and he wants to see a veterinarian who is waiting for him on the other side of 

the checkpoint, to give the mare an injection. 

although he can cross the checkpoint, he is not allowed to bring the horses through until he receives a permit from the Liaison and Coordination Administration.  The soldiers refused to speak to us about this.  After three phone calls to the Liaison and Coordination Administration the permit came at 08:15 and the veterinarian gave the mare her injection. 


At 07:30 it is still crowded near the turnstile on the West Bank side and the children and the children continue to cross to go to school.

At 07:40 teachers cross without waiting in line and drive to the school at Um-A-Reihan.