Bethlehem (300)

Rachel M. Drora P. (reporting) Translation: Naomi Gal

Good morning.. everything is relaxed. Passage is sparse. 4 windows are open and shortly some of them close. 

We met one of the Ecumenical who observes the Palestinian side of the checkpoint. She said about 3,500 people had passed. We knew these past months that about 6,000 people pass. It could have been an error - by the Ecumenical or the information received in the past. 

Behind the windows next to the wall about 10 people stood waiting to enter Israel. The security guard told us that these people have permits to cross but only after 8 o'clock. The computer doesn't allow them to pass when they arrive before eight. Despite this explanation, while we were talking the people were given permission to pass although the time was 7:45. The intention behind passing people by hours is to have control on the number of the people passing, but if there are no people waiting at the checkpoint why delay those who are registered for 8?