Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

Tzvia S., Idit M., Rahel A. (reporting) Judith Green (trans.)
4:11 - arrival at checkpoint
Sunday, crowded and more noisy than usual.  The first turnstiles were closed and opened at short intervals.  Closed for a long time, more than usual, and open for a short time.  In this way, only small group could enter.  A long of noise from within the checkpoint, an area which we cannot see, but close to the entrance. This is the usual setup of the gate whose upper half is broken, and the line of people who are climbing on it and entering through the opening which was torn.
At a certain point in the morning, when the first turnstiles were locked, they succeeded in breaking through the fence and entered the protected area freely. After a few minutes that place was blocked off.
One can see the beginning of work in the exit area from the checkpoint where a meeting area is going to be built for Israeli employers and Palestinian employees (this was explained to us during a recent tour).  We hope, together with the Palestinians, that they will shortly build the entrance area for the checkpoint with organized tracks.  One would not be exaggerating to say that the workday for an ordinary worker begins every morning with a battle.  Exhausting.  Daily. Grinding. Sponsored by a totally dark mentality.