'Azzun, Imatin

Ruth B.Z., Dafna A., Sarale A., Nurit P. reporting. Tal H. Translating

9:30 Azzun – About 12 women came and took part in our activity. They divided into two work groups. One proceeded with Dafna and Sarale who brought along examples of knit socks, wool and knitting needles. The other group worked on crochet with Ruth who brought examples of knit flowers. Natural flowers were the source of inspiration. In addition she brought a beautiful bag crocheted out of colored nylon bags. The design and color patterns were admired by all. A woman from Jayous, experienced in handicrafts, visited the club, was excited about the work and decided to work on the bag project. Other women joined in. So now they have to collect colored nylon bags in order to get started. The aspect of working with recycled materials was especially thrilling.


On road 55 on our way to Imtin we saw about 4 army jeeps bound for Jit junction.


10:00 Imatin – arriving there by myself, without Sarah H., some of the women were disappointed not to be getting a yoga session. 8 women arrived. I was missing two of the regulars. I was told they were on a family visit in Jordan. I worked with the women mostly on reading text. There is much excitement whenever they manage to decipher a new word or recognize familiar words. Then we held a conversation, emphasizing verbs in past and present tense.



11:30 I rode with Nadim to the women’s club in Azzun where the activity had ended.