Anin, Barta'a/Reikhan, Tura/Shaked

Shula B. (photos) and Neta G. (report)

06:10  A'anin CP


We came a bit late for the opening of the CP and were happy to see that passage was flowing quickly. Many had already gone through, some of them children who have already started their summer vacation. Perhaps our absence at the time of the opening helped? Or perhaps the presence of the DCO officer?

06:40.  All  the people have gone through. Near the CP there is a pile of broken/ used  plastic chairs and a broken plastic cupboard. Someone from A'anin did not succeed in transporting these objects through the CP on his way home to the village.


06:50 Tura-Shaked CP

The DCO officer is here already. The CP is empty of soldiers but wide open . The soldiers in charge of opening the CP and responsible for the inspection have still not arrived. No one is waiting to go through from the side of the seamline zone. School is out.


07:10 The soldiers arive and open the CP late. Passage from the West Bank to the seamline zone is very slow. The DCO officer finds an excuse in the late opening.

A man tells us: "I'm ashamed of what I want to say; you come here all the time, but do not help." He has difficulty understanding that we have the will to help, but we have only a limited capacity to  do so. 


7:40 Barta's-Reihan CP, on the side of the seamline zone.

A blue tarp has been spread over the play area near the parking lot. It might be a good idea to open a summer camp in the CP...

People emerge from the teminal and go up the sleeveinfo-icon to the parking lot of the seamline zone. Taxis are waiting for them. Families that are all dressed up go through to the West Bank. The wedding season is in full swing. At the exit from the CP a well-equipped garbage truck is parked; this is a gift from the European Union.


08:10 On our way from the CP we pick up a person who works in Umm-a-Reihan. To our surprise, he asks us how much he has to pay for the ride.


09:00 Jalameh - Glboa CP

It is quiet here at this hour. The pedestrian CP is in on a break. The babyinfo-icon M. and her father managed to go through before the halt and they are already waiting for the ride to Rambam, for the daily dialysis. This morning M. got through with her father and not as usual with her mother, because two of her mother's brothers are getting married. As noted above, this is the wedding season. The father says that passage through the Jalameh CP is convenient and quicker than that through the Barta'a CP.

There is a long queue of cars belonging to Israeli Arabs in the vehicle CP; they are on their way to Jenin.