Dafna A., Ruti B.Z., Dvorka O. reporting Translator: Tal H.

We arrived at the club, invited by L., the women’s coordinator.

The first request we received was for doing handicrafts, apparently women had heard of our initiative from their friends in neighboring villages. As usual, we introduced ourselves and Machsomwatch, spoke a bit about our history, our goals and activities, aided by Nadim as translator, who then continued from there with Nurit F. and Sarah H. to Far’ata.

After some time, M. a more senior coordinator, who also speaks English and is active in various social organizations arrived. We heard from her that there is also interest in learning Hebrew in the village, so they could speak with whoever they must when… they are detained by the army. We promised to look into this possibility. At our request , M. promised to see to it that she or someone else from the village would teach us Arabic.


In the meantime, Ruti and Dafna showed the group – about 15 women – examples of various knitting work, in order to see what would be suitable. The women did not wait for even a moment, but began working along the examples that Ruti showed. We were not prepared for a lengthy activity this time, but promised to come again next week.

Here too we were very warmly received, there was much interest and kindness shown on all sides.