Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachel Chayut (Photography and report), Translation: Yael Bassis-Student



14:00 Passed by Bezek checkpoint


14:20  Tayasir checkpoint

 Kfir flags dot the air. Two soldiers are visible, wearing berets. We went up to the post overlooking the checkpoint. At their request, we stopped before reaching it. A civilian bus  drove by mistake into a military base and later parked by its entrance. The driver ignored our question as to what he was doing there.


There is heavy traffic westward, in the direction of area "A". The checkpoint's soldiers inspected vehicles as well as drivers, passengers, and papers.

From the other direction (from inside area "A") of the Palestinian authority) an armored personnel carrier has arrived, as well as tanks on their carriers. There were officers in Jeeps and pickup trucks….. Apparently there were buses which waited for soldiers who were stationed in area "A". A reserve soldier expressed interest in us. :"We watch over you…. I have no idea where area "A" is located, all I know is where our training area is…."

 Two large pickup trucks crossed into area A, carrying signs that read :"To be first Nachshon 15 the 1st", "To be first Nachshon 15 the 2nd.".


15:00  We left and slowly followed a tank carrier (upper photo) The tank's chains were covered in greenery and yellow bloom).


15:20  Hamara checkpoint

A soldier and his assistant approach us and give us conditions as to where we should stand and return to their post on the road. Traffic streams along on both directions simultaneously. Here too each vehicle is inspected, its trunk and passengers and driver's papers.


15:45   We left.


Alon road (Road 578)  

Two gatesinfo-icon are open. Gochya gate opposite the settlement Roee and the one on the other side opposite the settlement of Bekaot (which we saw open for the very first time) On our way in the direction of Hamara we did not see them open.

Halet Makhul

There are quite a lot of births of lambs and kids at the village. They seem to be getting ready for the hot summer .


16:30    We crossed at Bezek