Marsha L., Roni P., Iva A. (translator)

We arrrived at 05:00 and saw that only 4 out of the 5 checkup lanes are open. Maybe since there was curfew on Friday not all the workers arrived, worrying there will be curfew again.

The workers told us that on Friday they drove almost all the way to Tel Aviv until they found a way to arrive to Jerusalem through areas were there was no curfew.

At 05:25 the fifth lane was suddenly openned. We heard that one of the explanations to the closing of this lane was lack of manpower. Therefor it is not easy to understand why it was openned at 05:25. What has changed?

At 06:20 the humanitarian gate was openned. The officer openned the gate, people went through and he closed it right at the face of someone who had just arrived. We saw this person's face - a teacher. The officer was certainly not aware that he had closed the lane right in his face. He just closed it when it was time to close it. We did not even talk to him about it. He is definitely an officer who does his job, and is not suspicious of negative approach to the people who go through in Qalandiya. That is the way it is. The policewoman is nice and pleasant too, and when she arrives she works in order to let people go through.

And still - a checkpoint, occupation.