Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Orah A., translator Hanna K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

14:10 We were approached by young man who is being treated three times a week at the Hadassa hospital in Jerusalem and gets for this purpose an entry permit to Israel for a long period, He asked to prolong his permit in order to get treatments in the coming months, but got a permit for one day only. This means that he will be forced to come to the DCO three times a week, each time before he sets out for Hadassa in Jerusalem. His disappointment was so great that he tore the permit up. Then he apologized. He again came to the DCO and tried to get a permit for two months, but was refused. We knew that at Beit El his permit for two months was authorized and that the permit was sent to the DCO, but the soldiers there decided to punish him for tearing the permit up, and refused to give it to him. We turned to Hanna B. and with her help he got a permit for two months.


A young man who submitted a week ago a request for an authorization of passage to Israel, in order to participate in a vacation of a few days, which his employer in Ma'ale Adumim had planned, complained that his request had been refused. He told us that all his Palestinian colleagues who work at the same place, had received permits, but he was told that the letter he brought from his employer wasn't sufficient. Three days ago he brought a new, detailed,  letter and came today to receive the permit, but was refused again. The reason:  "doesn’t meet all the criteria". When he tried to find out which criteria these were they told him "the allowance for trips was exhausted". Office A. with whom we talked said he should come the next day in the morning and she would check what all this was about.


A man who received a working permit after he was a police preventee for several years, came to the CP in order to go out and work finally, but then his permit was taken from him. When he got it back he saw that they had added a few additional years of police prevention.

A dejected young man told us that during the last month he was summoned a few times to the General Security Service. Each time he was asked to wait. He waited. Nobody talked to him. After long hours of waiting he was tole to go away. After some time he was summoned again. We referred him to Silvia.


To sum up: Banal cases. Perhaps no capital offences. Just viciousness.