Hannah S., Ronit D. (reporting); Translation: Ayala Sussmann

A rainy quiet morning in Qalandiya


5:25: Wind and rain, quiet within, no lines. The beigele vendors explained that the rain kept the construction workmen away from work. Four inspection booths were open and in one of the pens a single turnstile was functioning - sufficient it was; an additional booth was opened when necessary, and even a fifth one was added on when called for. The vehicle barrier seemed very crowded.


5:40: A security man arrived and entered the security pen. A girl soldier greeted us. She used her loud-speaker to direct the crowd in Arabic, opening with Arabic  "Good Morning". There were no long lines throughout. Noticing that there was no hurry, some people seated themselves on the benches eating, drinking, praying etc. A few minutes past 6:00 a change of guards occurred, followed by the arrival of someone of the Matak. It was useless as there were no candidates for passage and the humanitarian gate was unnecessary.


6:10: Two youths: two men and one woman arrived, from the "human rights blue-white" organization. They had hand-outs and told us that they had inquiries, by phone and by mail. We left. The vehicle line was as long as it usually is. Following inspection of our ID we told them we were of MachsomWatch.