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Gabriella, Riki S., Lilka and Miki T.K. (reporter)

This was another lively and cheerful meeting. We started with a spontaneous talk about life in the village, and this time mostly about the central part of religion in the lives of the young girls, who are wearing Hijab at this young age, pray all five daily prayers, and take part enthusiastiacally in the Koran studies in school and in the mosque. All of them mentioned happily the names of the prophets and the mothers, and of course we found mutual "acquaintances" who are mentioned in the five books of Moses.
Riki (grades 7 and 8) English classes
This time I prepared pictures and the girls were supposed to make up a story by leading simple questions like "whom do we see in the picture?" "What is the connection between the people in the picture?" (brothers, friends) "are they happy?" "Who do you think is missing in the picture?" After a short while I found out that most of the girls do understand the meaning of the words, but they find it difficult to understand sentences and to form them. They prefer to answer in a chorus, this way they all take part, even those who find it difficult, and the whole class is happy. The lesson passed quickly, and I already am expecting to meet this charming group again next week.

Lilka (9th grade)
I understand more and mjore that it is difficult for them even to connect three words. I asked them to devide into pairs and threes and to talk about a dream and then share it with everyone. Many volunteered and tried to talk about their dreams for the futur, but they don't have enough words for that. Instead of "I had a dream that I am a.." they say: "I dream university" or "I dream hospital" without prepositions. I had to repeat the words a few times with all of them.  Later on they looked at pictures that I gave them, and told what they see (according to questions that I had written on the blackboard). Later on I showed them a poem in English that we will study the next week. One of the gils said that her father writes poetry in Arabic, and she will bring it for me to see next week.

Miki (5th grade)
The girls come happily. I think that I should  integrate games through the long session (it is a 90 minutes class) since they are young and they come after a day in school.