Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Naomi Gal translation

12:30the waiting hall was full and there were 20 people waiting outside. They complained that the proceedings where very slow.

An older man said he arrived at 8 AM and received the number 80! Some people who arrived for magnetic cards came out without them.  They were instructed to come back in a month. We heard there is a shortage of cards “because the army doesn’t have money to buy the plastic needed for issuing magnetic cards”. But despite this there were people who did get cards today. We failed to discover if there were any preconditions to get a card and what they were. A man who received a card told us that at first they refused to give him one asking him to leave, but he informed the soldiers that he won’t budge without a card so they gave him one. Many gave up and left. Close to 4 o’clock just a few people remained. When we left they were still not let in.