Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Netanya and Michal Tz. (reporting); Naomi S. (trans.)


South Hebron Hills

The dust covers all, and the routine today is grey not only metaphorically. The occupation proceeds with confidence.

Only in the Dir Razak area did we see cars driving in the wayward paths towards the main road. M., our sensitive driver, assumes there's trouble in Al Fawaar (otherwise, why does everyone come from here?). So we've asked… and indeed. The exit from Al Fawaar is blocked. Again, stone throwing event. This time, the soldiers didn't chase the throwers – who are usually mere kids – but simply blocked the yellow gate, adding on top of that an ID control check. Also next to the water well, we see many soldiers securing the locked up gate, but whoever wants to leave on his business, simply circumvents through those wayward routes, heading to Route 60, a few km south of the central exit.

Clumsiness, have we mentioned that already?


In Hebron, it is now quiet again. The settlers go around, sticking signposts advertising Purim events and the distribution of sweets to the poor. How merciful they are, all of them there.

At all the other checkpoints and blockages, all as usual.

At the Tel Rumeida archeological site, too, they continue digging after yesteryears, meanwhile destructing the present and future of us all.

See more at: http://www.machsomwatch.org/reports/checkpoints/04/03/2014/morning/25503#sthash.nphPEed4.dpuf