Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Nilli, Tzipi (reporting), M. (driving and translating); Naomi S. (trans.)

Following some stressful days in this area, reported by our [MW] colleagues, and caused by the proximity to the 20th anniversary of the murder of prayers in the Cave of the Patriarchs, we were very surprised to go through a relatively quiet shift of some hours on the roads. On sideways and junctions, too, there was no military presence. By contrast, many civilian vehicles drove on the roads (60 and 317), checkpoints were open and no soldiers were seen.


In Hebron itself, the usual ghost-town quiet unfortunately. At Abed's, opposite the Patriarch's Cave, we met a group from Italy which arrived just then and were not requested to present their passports. We introduced ourselves and they were "impressed" (their English was poor as our Italian). Abed's son replied to our questions regarding yesterday's events, saying that he threw his first stone yesterday, but that it was during a quarrel between fans of two rival football groups at the Hebron arena and so the tearing gas he consequently suffered from was shot by the Palestinian police.

We brought some boxes of toys for the kindergarten at Tel Romeidah. The gate to the place we open and kind kindergarten teachers received us, though we couldn't talk to them, as they talked only Arabic and we talk none. Still, the kids were delighted and came to shake our hands. The garden encircling the house was upgraded with a toy/playing-house and a paved path. This kindergarten, which is populated by, and serves many children notwithstanding all the difficulties made for them by the Jewish environment, made us very-very happy.